Here is the worst-case scenario: Someone is forcing you inside your home at gunpoint. They want you to disarm your alarm so the Police won’t come. At this point you are at the mercy of an intruder who has your life in their hands.

With a home duress code you can call for help without making a sound. The code will silence your alarm but will also notify your security company and dispatch police to you without the intruder knowing.

Here are 5 common questions about adding a duress code to your home security system

Who can use the duress code?
Anyone you trust to have the code. Experts recommend that all family member know how to use a duress code. This code will be your sign of distress, and give you control over the situation at hand. Once you set the duress code on your home security system, make sure your family is aware that it is for emergencies only.

What can be set as the duress code?
You will need to use a number different from the code you use to disarm your system regularly. You should use a number that will be easy for you to remember.

When should I use the duress code?
Remember, this code is for emergencies only. Since it will be disarming your alarm AND dispatching the Police, you want to be sure to use it only when absolutely necessary. Of course if you feel unsafe, or someone is threatening to hurt you or your family, that is a great time to quickly put in the code and get help.

Where is the duress signal sent?
When the duress code is typed into the keypad, a silent duress signal is sent to your security monitoring operator and to the local police dispatch center. Feel safe knowing that the authorities are on their way when you need help.

Why should I care about having a duress code?
A duress code can be the difference between life and death. If someone is threatening you and telling you to disarm your security system, there are few other ways to call for help without them knowing. This simple feature can mean everything in that emergency situation.

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