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Wireless Home Security Alarm Systems

How it works

Whether you’re at home or away, our Arlington home security alarm systems protect the people and things you value most. We offer you and your family wireless home alarm monitoring from burglary, fire and carbon monoxide 24/7. When your home alarm system is triggered, it sounds an audible alarm and a signal to our monitoring station. Once the signal is received, an operator at the monitoring station will call you to make sure you are alright. If you report an emergency, or if we receive no response from you, the monitoring station will dispatch the police, fire department or medical emergency personnel necessary.

Click here to play with 2gig Go!Control Panel demo!

Features at a glance

wireless security system for home
[toggle2 opened=”1″ title=”No Phone Line Necessary”]Our system is wireless which means you don’t need to have a phone line and worry about your phone line getting cut by potential intruders.[/toggle2] [toggle2 title=”Control Your System From Your Phone” ]Control your alarm system wherever you are. Arm and Disarm your system from your Smart phone or computer.[/toggle2] [toggle2 title=”Improved Response Time”]2-way Voice feature allows the operator to speak to you over the intercom on the keypad when a signal is received and make sure the proper emergency response will be dispatched if necessary. Improve response time by “confirming break-ins”.[/toggle2] [toggle2 title=”User-Friendly LCD Touchscreen Panel”]2gig Go!Control LCD touchscreen panel is easy to use and puts your entire alarm system at your fingertips.[/toggle2] [toggle2 title=”Stay Connected To Your Home”]Receive email or text notifications letting you know who armed/disarmed your system and at what time.[/toggle2] [toggle2 title=”Easy Customization”]Our system is flexible and expandable. Adding a sensor or a motion detector to your system is surprisingly simple.[/toggle2]

How does it benefit you?

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  • Save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance by having a monitored Arlington home security alarm system.
  • Save money on phone bill by upgrading to wireless security alarm systems.
  • No longer drop everything and rush to your keypad, simply disarm your home from your phone as you pull up to your home.
  • Improved response time with 2-way voice confirmed response technology.
  • Receive a text message when your children get home from school.
  • Check what time the house sitter arrives at your home and how long they stay.
  • Check what time your teenager got home last night.
  • Get a medical pendant for elders at home in case of medical emergency.
  • Add sensors to your home jewelry box, liquor cabinet or gun safe to increase security.
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    We offer the best Arlington home security alarm systems for home and security monitoring service at the most affordable price to protect your family and home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    ProtectUS is proudly serving business and home owners in Arlington, Dallas, Houston, TX and the surrounding cities. Contact us at 214.666.8497 for a free security consultation today!