Home security systems provide your home and your family the protection they need. These are some of the top reasons to install a system in your home. 


Your home, family, and possessions are safer with a security system than without one.  Many burglars will avoid homes that have a security system. If someone does attempt to break in, a loud alarm will sound and our monitoring station will alert you and the police.  

Remote Monitoring

Modern security systems come with apps that let you monitor what’s going on at home from your smart devices.  You can check in on your kids or pets, view what’s happening on your home security cameras, and control vital systems such as your thermostats, lights, locks, and garage doors.  Remember when your parents went out of town and you had friends over, even when you weren’t supposed to?  With a modern security system you’ll know who is in your home at all times.

Lowering Your Insurance Premium & Energy Bill

Having a security system installed can lower your homeowners’ insurance, saving you money each time you pay your premium. You can also manage your electricity use better, leading to lower bills. With our app you can make sure devices like the coffee pot and heating irons are turned off, and adjust your thermostat. When you’re on vacation, instead of leaving lights on the entire time you’re gone you can turn them on and off from your app so your home appears occupied.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the best reason to install a home security system is for the peace of mind that comes with having one. There is a real peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is protected, and your family is safe. If a fire occurs, a gas leak starts, or a burglar attempts to enter your home we can notify you as well as alerting the appropriate emergency responders. There are plenty of other things to worry about: the safety of your home and family doesn’t need to be one of them.  

If you haven’t installed a security system yet, don’t delay any longer! We would be happy to discuss your options with you and give you a quote. Contact us here to get started.