Chances are the majority of things you work so hard for are in your home. Your home, your possessions, and your family deserve to be protected. Protectus Security is the premier home security provider in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the best choice when it comes to protecting your world.


We offer much more than your traditional home security system, specializing in Smart Home Systems. With our Smart Home System, you can check the status of your home’s alarm system from your smart phone. You can arm and disarm your security system from your phone, which comes in handy if you forgot to arm your system before leaving home. The app tracks your event history and you’ll receive a text or push notification if your alarm is disarmed, triggered, armed, and even if your home loses power.


Imagine being able to control your home security system from the palm of your hand. With our Smart Home System, you’re in full control and are alerted immediately of any unusual activity. You’ll know instantly if an intruder is trying to get in, or if there’s danger of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Do you have an older parent or relative who lives with you? Our Smart Home System also comes with a medical emergency button should they need medical help. For all threats facing your home and family, our Smart Home System has you covered!


Smart Home Systems provide you greater control and peace of mind.

You’ll receive a  text when the kids get home from school, and you can check on your house while you are on vacation. You can also control your thermostats, making sure your house is comfortable for your pets and when you arrive home from work, while saving money. The benefits of our Smart Home Systems are almost endless!


Now you might be wondering how much all this incredible technology costs. Don’t worry! We strive to make smart home security affordable for all homeowners. Your safety, and the safety of your family is our top priority, and we will customize a smart home security solution tailored to your needs.

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