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Self Defense Tips

By April 17, 2017Uncategorized

Whether you’re at home or traveling, you should be aware of your surroundings and how to ensure your safety at all times.  Here are a few of the best self defense tips to make sure you don’t find yourself the victim of a senseless crime.


Look Where You’re Going

When you pull up to a gas station, convenience store, or even a bank ATM, make sure you check out the place before parking.  If it’s poorly lit and looks shady, continue on until you find a gas station that is better equipped.  You don’t want to make yourself an easy target.

Watch Your Drink

Male or female, not paying attention to your drink in a bar or club is a huge mistake.  Too many people are victims of having their drink drugged which can lead to rape, abduction, robbery, or even murder.  Be smart in public areas and keep your drink with you at all times.  Never accept a drink from a stranger unless you have seen it poured yourself.  This is a common ruse that does not end well.  


Keep Your Door Closed

We all know that we shouldn’t let strangers into our house.  The same goes for you! If a person knocks on your door and requests help, don’t let them in.  Make the call for emergency services for them.  If they’re truly in need of assistance, they’ll understand your caution.


Say No


While we’d like to believe that people are kind and helpful, this is simply not true.  Don’t accept help from strangers!  If you’re alone, politely refuse their offer and keep moving.  If you have a bad feeling, get away as fast as you can.  Run, scream, make a fool of yourself!  Attract attention to make sure you stay safe.


As much as we want to be able to trust our fellow humans, the reality is that it’s just not safe to do so in all situations.  Take care of yourself first to make sure you don’t become another victim. For piece of mind at home our Automation will keep your home safe and secure no matter where you’re at.