The Importance Of Testing Your Alarm System Regularly

Periodic testing of your alarm system is essential to ensure your system functions properly at all times. We advise you to test your system monthly. Prior to testing please make sure to notify us.

How To Test Your System

There are two types of tests to perform: testing the devices within your home and testing to make sure the signal is coming from your home or business to our monitoring station.

Testing Window/Door Sensors
  • Verify that your system is in “Ready” mode
  • Open each protected door or window one at a time
  • Check that the keypad displays open for the door or window you are testing
  • Close the respective door or window
  • Repeat this procedure for each window/door sensor in your system
Testing Smoke Detectors
  • Push the test button on each smoke detector to verify that it makes a noise
  • Check to see that there are no low battery indicators on the smoke detector
  • It is a good idea to replace the batteries on the smoke detectors once a year
Testing The Signal Transmission To Our Monitoring Station
  • Call our office at 214.390.3049 and ask that your alarm system be placed in “TEST” mode. Be ready to provide the operator your account number and password.
  • Arm your system as usual and trigger it by opening a door or window, or by tripping a motion detector (To trip a motion detector, your system has to be in “Away” mode)
  • Allow the alarm to go off for at least one minute
  • Disarm your system
  • Verify that the signal was received by our monitoring station
  • Inform our customer service when the test is done to take the alarm system off test