Key Takeaways

  • Business in DFW have always prioritized security, but the full benefits of a custom security system are often under-utilized
  • Modern security systems not only enhance safety but also streamline business operations, improve efficiency, support better decision-making, and improve customer experience
  • We walk through the components of a custom designed commercial security system for a Dallas Fort Worth laundromat business including access control, smart thermostats, cameras, heat mapping, and business analytics
  • Protectus Security can help design a custom smart security system to help take your business to the next level

Vandalism, theft, and other potential threats have always made security a top priority for businesses in Dallas Fort Worth. Savvy business owners know it is crucial to invest in innovative security systems and reputable security monitoring to protect not only their business, but also their employees and customers.

However, the benefits of installing commercial security systems don’t stop there. In this article we’ll cover some of the new advancements in technology that are providing tangible benefits to DFW businesses, including one local laundromat.

Going Beyond Security

Did you know that in addition to protecting your business, smart business security systems can help you streamline operations, make better business decisions, enhance efficiency, and improve customer experience? Recent innovations in technology mean that the same equipment designed to keep your property safe can now help collect data, automate systems, and design smart workflows.

Protectus Security will work with you to help design a smart business system that will keep your North Texas business safe and help you achieve your business goals.

A Case Study: Fort Worth Laundromat Security

Protectus Security recently installed a custom security business automation system for a laundromat client in North Texas. We designed and installed the system to leverage many of the most-advanced technological solutions available, transforming the way our client operates their business.

The client initially reached out to Protectus Security to learn more about how technology might benefit their laundromat and enable the owner to manage operations remotely. We explored the business’s goals, then designed and implemented a custom security system for the laundromat. The system includes a wide range of cutting-edge solutions tailored to help them achieve their goals. Below, we’ll breakdown the setup.

Access Control

One of the key components of the laundromat’s new system was an access control system for the front door. Access control is a standard security feature used by DFW businesses, but its full features are often under-utilized. For this client, we equipped the building’s access control with scheduling capabilities. This allows the owner to automatically unlock the business every morning and lock it up at night when it closes. These automatic configurations eliminate the need for a worker to manually open up and close the business. Automating this mundane yet important task allows the client to focus on other aspects of their business.

Business Analytics and Camera Monitoring

Commercial video system with business analytics

Protectus Security also installed cameras equipped with business activity analytics software. This impressive technology provides valuable insights and metrics into customer behavior and occupancy levels. The software includes valuable resources such as heat maps and occupancy counting, allowing the client to monitor foot traffic in real time. These metrics give the owner extra insight towards making informed decisions about resource allocation and business strategies.

The system also allows the laundromat owner to set thresholds and receive alerts if the premises exceed a certain capacity, helping them stay compliant with safety regulations and manage customer flow effectively.

Heat Mapping

Heat mapping technology also offers insights into customer preferences and behavior within the laundromat. By identifying which areas of the shop customers are migrating towards, the client gains valuable data on machine usage and customer preferences. This information enables them to improve machine placement, change pricing, upgrade equipment where necessary, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Climate Automation

We also implemented smart thermostats and smart plugs to further enhance the laundromat’s efficiency. The smart thermostats were configured to run on a preset schedule, ensuring optimal temperature control without employee intervention. Meanwhile, the smart plugs allow remote control of fans, enabling the client to adjust fan speed and conserve energy based on occupancy levels and environmental conditions.

The Business Benefits of a Commercial Security System

The holistic effect of the client’s custom security system has empowered the laundromat owner to efficiently manage their business operations while maximizing customer satisfaction. With automated access control, real-time analytics, and remote management capabilities, they can oversee their business remotely without compromising on quality or security.

In addition to convenience and efficiency gains, the client’s custom system has also translated into measurable business benefits. Leveraging insights from their business analytics has allowed the owner to make data-driven decisions to optimize resources, improve machine utilization, and enhance the overall customer experience. Perhaps more importantly, the ability to remotely manage operations enables the client to focus on strategic initiatives and business growth instead of being tied down by day-to-day operational tasks.

By embracing a custom and innovative solution tailored to their specific goals, the laundromat has unlocked new levels of efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Interested in learning how Protectus Security can help you customize your own commercial security system for your North Texas business? Reach out, we’re eager to help.