Would you believe that a home is broken into about once every 15 seconds in the United States? Dallas and Houston rank high on the list of the least safe cities in the United States. Here are some things you can do to help protect your home.

It may seem obvious, but lock your doors and windows even if you’re just stepping out for a few minutes. Many burglars just walk in through an unsecured door or window. Make sure that you have a working deadbolt installed on your exterior doors, and use them. If you didn’t change the locks when you moved in, you may want to consider doing so. You never know who may have kept a key.

Don’t leave notes on your door for family members, or the mailman. This is an obvious sign that your house is unoccupied. If you go out of town, make sure your home appears occupied. Have someone house sit if you can, and notify the post office and any subscription services to hold your mail. You may want to put your lights on a timer (easily done from your phone with our home security systems), and don’t leave a spare key outside no matter how well hidden you think it may be. If you know your neighbors well you can ask them to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, and you might consider exchanging spare keys with them. The entrance to your home should be easy to see and well lit, since it is the most likely place an intruder would try to break in. Motion-triggered lights, pruned shrubbery, home alarm systems and signage, and video cameras are all deterrents to a potential thief who wants to go undetected. You should also double check to make sure you have interior door hinges. If the hinges are on the outside of the door, all a robber would have to do is take out the hinge pins to gain access into your home.

Remember, the best protection for your home and family is high quality home security system. In addition to being a deterrent to thieves, they are also capable of dispatching the authorities and notifying you of potential threats. If a criminal sees that you have an alarm system, it’s much more likely they will skip your house and find an easier target. Most home break-ins occur during the day, and an alarming seven percent involved some sort of violent victimization (according to the www.bjs.gov website).

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