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Today’s Home Automation technology is incredible. More families than ever before are using home automation to improve their lives. Enhance your way of life with fully integrated home automation and give your family the protection they deserve!

Smart Thermostats

  • If it’s an exceptionally hot day you can rest assured that your home and your pets are at a safe temperature and even alert you if it gets too hot or too cold.
  • If you’ve been on vacation and had the heat down low to conserve energy, turn it back up when you’re on the way home to come into a nice welcoming home. This is both eco friendly AND saves you money.

Anytime Alerts

Receive real time text message notifications for any change in the status of your home including:

  • An alarm
  • Your system being armed or disarmed
  • The temperature getting hot or too cold
  • The door being left open
  • Motion on your front porch
  • Your power going out

Smart Locks

Keyless entry: instead of making copies of keys and passing them out, you can now simply give someone a user code that will allow them to unlock the door.  You can set date and time restrictions for certain codes and delete them at any time.  You can also unlock the door from your smartphone.

Smart Lights

Smart light switches allow you to have lights automatically come on at a certain time of day, or when a door opens, so that you can walk into a lit home without having to leave the lights on all day. You can also turn lights on and off from your smartphone so your home doesn’t look unoccupied.

Smart Garage Doors

Smart garage doors allow you to check the status of your garage doors and close them from your smartphone if you left them open.

There’s no question that home automation makes it easy for your family to save money while staying safe, so don’t wait. Email or call us TODAY to schedule an installation or a FREE home automation consultation.

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