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Tips to Improve Home Security

By October 25, 2017Uncategorized

Your home is your safe place.  Everything you love most in the world is under this roof – your pets, belongings, and your family.  To protect your home and keep everyone and everything in it safe, here are some tips for better home security.


Any time you move, pay to have the locks changed.

If you have just bought a new home, you don’t know how many keys are out there, or who may have had access.  It’s also safest to re-key your home if you ever lose a house key.



Hide-a-keys are great if you ever forget your set but they aren’t as secret anymore.

Criminals know what to look for and the usual hiding places keys are left.  If you want to leave a key outside, don’t use the fake rocks or leave it under the doormat.  Hide the key in a place that only your family will know to look.



The best way to protect your house is with a security system.  

Once installed, these systems alert emergency services if a break in occurs.  When you have a system installed, be sure to hide all wiring.  If wires are exposed, a burglar may be able to cut the power to your security system, rendering it useless.



Home invaders will scope out neighborhoods to see which houses are empty.

 If you’re going to be gone for a few days or an extended vacation, pick up some timers before you go.  These are attached to lights and will automatically turn on and off, giving the appearance that the house is occupied even when you’re gone.  



Keep the easy points of entry such as doors and windows shut and locked when you aren’t home.

 Use the metal stoppers in sliding doors.  Install deadbolts on your outside doors to make getting in even harder.  Invest in break proof glass for windows.  



The little steps in these areas will keep your home safer. Start today!