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Let’s Talk About Dogs

By July 27, 2017Uncategorized

My father in law woke up one morning and went along with this normal morning routine in the house before work. While he was downstairs in the kitchen a strange man entered the house in the room next to him and the guy immediately said he was in the wrong house and exited out the rear into the wildlife area behind their house.

What stopped him in his tracks?

They have a mid sized Dog that was ready to defend it’s family. That story is true but extreme.

A more realistic scenario (statistically speaking) is that when a burglar is casing out the place and find out there is a dog, it’s a deterrent. It doesn’t always matter the size of the dog. Countless case studies show that the biggest threat to the burglar is the bark!

So give little fido an extra treat tonight, knowing that they’re help keeping your family safe (even if they don’t look scary).

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