Building a 5-Star Brand On Accident

By October 24, 2016Uncategorized

Our goal when we started Protectus Security wasn’t to build a 5-star brand, but that is what has happened.

We are proud to say that 12538335_mwe consistently get 5-star reviews across the board.  Whether it’s with Yelp, Google, or the BBB, anywhere we’re reviewed you’ll find 5-star reviews.

This has happened as a result of building a company based on integrity, which to us means doing the right thing every time, which unfortunately isn’t always the norm in our industry.   One of the reasons we started Protectus 7 years ago was because we saw the need to give consumers something better.

Our motto, “Technology you love, the customer service you deserve” reflects this.  We strongly believe that by doing right by our customers we will build a long lasting company that people trust, use and tell others about.  This has proven to be true.

One of the ways we try to implement
integrity is in our sales process.  We have always tried to take an educational, consultative approach with our customers.  Security is something that many people see a need for, but not something everyone understands; therefore it is important that we educate our clients, listen to their needs, and then let them know if and how we think we are able to help them.

Most of the time we have products and services that help the people we are talking to, but if not we don’t have a problem telling them that we are not a good fit.  We have found that doing this is a win-win: our new clients are happy because they believe they made an educated decision and we’re happy because as long as we live up to our promise we should have a long term customer.

  • If you’re an existing customer and there is something we can do better please let us know by emailing us at
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  • If you are a potential customer and you would be interested in scheduling a free consultation please call us today at 214.390.3049.

From our family to yours, stay safe and stay protected in Texas with Protectus!

Chris Pick – Founder/CEO