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From theft, burglary, and vandalism to fire and medical emergencies, our business alarm systems give you the peace of mind in knowing that your business and your employees are always being protected. We help all kinds of businesses from auto shops, restaurants, schools, to large corporations. Commercial alarm systems are becoming more and more popular among business owners nowadays because it doesn’t just increase the safety of your business but it also improves the productivity of your employees.

We perform initial security risk assessment and design an alarm system specifically for your business. Our highly trained and experienced professional operators from our 5-Diamond Certified monitoring station are always here to keep a close eye on your business for you whether you are there or not. Our goal is to help you protect your business in every way possible so you can fully focus on your business objectives.

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Features at a glance

Security System Installation
[toggle2 title=”No Phone Line Necessary” opened=”1″]Our system is wireless which means you don’t need to have a phone line and worry about your phone line getting cut by potential intruders.[/toggle2] [toggle2 title=”Control Your Alarm From Your Phone”]If you or your employee forget to arm the alarm system when leaving work, you can arm your system remotely from your Smart phone or computer.[/toggle2] [toggle2 title=”Improved Response Time”]2-way Voice feature allows the operator to speak to you over the intercom on the alarm keypad when a signal is received and make sure the proper emergency response will be dispatched if necessary. Improve response time by “confirming break-ins”.[/toggle2] [toggle2 title=”User-Friendly LCD Touchscreen Panel”]2gig Go!Control LCD touchscreen panel is easy to use and puts your entire alarm system at your fingertips.[/toggle2] [toggle2 title=”Stay Connected To Your Business”]You can assign a code to each employee and receive email or text notifications on your phone when your employees come and leave work.[/toggle2] [toggle2 title=”Easy Customization”]Our system is flexible and expandable. If you decide to add more sensors to your system, just give us a call and we will upgrade your system for you in no time.[/toggle2]

How does it benefit you?

[list type=”check”]
  • See what time your store manager arrives and leaves the office.
  • Add a freezer probe detector to the freezer in your restaurant and get notifications when the temperature gets too high.
  • Add sensors to the display cabinets at your store to protect valuable items such as jewelry, liquor, gun.
  • Install a panic button under yours or your receptionist’s desk.
  • Add a heavy equipment pull-apart sensor to protect large, valuable equipment such as AC unit.
  • [/list]

    With our monitored business security alarm systems, you can have a peace of mind knowing that your business and your employees are always being protected by the best security equipment and technology in the market.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late! ProtectUS is proudly serving home and business owners in Dallas/Ft Worth, Houston, TX and the surrounding cities. Contact us at 214.666.8497 and schedule a free security risk assessment today!