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Top 3 Ways Criminals Break into Your Home

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When we think of a house being broken into, we tend to think of the Hollywood version; criminals with high tech gadgets and superior stealth skills, letting them get in and out with no damage and no sign they’d been there. The reality is nothing like Hollywood portrays and knowing the top ways criminals break into your house can help you keep your home and family safe.
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Why You Need a Smart Home

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Everything you’ve worked so hard for is in your home. Your home, your possessions, your family should be protected from the outside world. Protectus Security is the premier home security provider in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the best choice when it comes to protecting your world.

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Benefits of a Small Business Security System

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As the owner of Protectus Security, my schedule varies from day to day, and I don’t always make it into the office.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not able to keep tabs on the office when I’m away.  I receive a text message when our alarm system is disarmed in the morning, or if it hasn’t been disarmed by a certain time each day.  From my smartphone I am able to arm and disarm the alarm system, control the thermostat, unlock the supply room, and view a live video feed of the office.  There are many advantages to having a smart security system installed. Read More

Building a 5-Star Brand On Accident

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Our goal when we started Protectus Security wasn’t to build a 5-star brand, but that is what has happened.

We are proud to say that 12538335_mwe consistently get 5-star reviews across the board.  Whether it’s with Yelp, Google, or the BBB, anywhere we’re reviewed you’ll find 5-star reviews.

This has happened as a result of building a company based on integrity, which to us means doing the right thing every time, which unfortunately isn’t always the norm in our industry.   One of the reasons we started Protectus 7 years ago was because we saw the need to give consumers something better. Read More